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Welcome Me!

2008-10-15 23:18:28 by SirBrodrick

As my career as a student comes to a close here in a 2 months, I have decided to start doing flash animating like the kind that I have been watching for all of 6 years now!

I'm not sure as to yet what my first flash animation will be and am open to suggestions from the peanut gallery!

If anyone has anything they would really like to see, preferably short, and easy as I am new to this, just hit me up with a message!

Alright.. back to practicing with my new Tablet!

Welcome Me!


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2008-10-17 20:37:20

Nice. How you get level 4 already? Voting on stuff?


2009-01-13 02:54:50

Way to go. Theres no time like the present.


2009-02-03 00:09:31

Its amazing how similar your avatar and lil jims avatar is. Although you did seem to add some stuff to make it a little different.